“A country that bewitches you, an emotion to live”

Caribbean like seas, uncontaminated nature, breathtaking panoramas,but also rich in history, art, culture and dining.

You will be drawn to discover the typical flavours of Salento.

You will discover local traditions and the folkloric dance “la pizzica Salentina”.
You will be fascinated and taken aback by the characteristic “feste” (patron saints’ celebrations with religious rites and a procession, a fair, music and fireworks) and “sagre” (local food festivals).

But most of all you will be amazed at the light of the skies, almost blindingly light some days, that reflect off the white Leccese stone of the buildings.
The small town of Uggiano la Chiesa is situated perfectly, centrally, to begin your tour of Salento…. to visit the most beautiful and famous tourist locations.

To not miss

Starting from our complex we recommend you visit…

Around Uggiano La Chiesa: Saint Mary Magdalene Church, Saints Cosmas and Damian Church, Saint Elens Crypt, Crypt of St. Michael the Archangel, De Donno Palace ( near Casamassella), antique farms and towers, ipogei barns and pajere.

Porto Badisco (the closest beach, circa 2km away)
A small bay where you can bathe in its crystalline clear water, scuba dive or take out a canoe or drink a fine glass of wine with fresh ricci (sea urchins), a local speciality, just fished from the sea.

Apart from the natural beauty of Badisco bay, the bay is veiled in local legend, it is said in fact that the place depicted in ‘Virgilio nell’Eneide’, story of the hero Enea who fled Troia to Italy, is in fact Badisco Bay.

And it is here where the largest group of Neolithic paintings in Europe can be found, the deer caves. Inside the caves are the most spectacular graffiti, inscriptions and drawings almost perfectly conserved even after all this time.

The caves were discovered in 1970 but remain closed to the public so as to preserve the art, however, a 3D virtual tour can be seen at Otranto Castle.

Otranto at 5km from I Mestri. The old city centre ( world patrimony of Unesco), Aragonese Castle, Saint Mary Annunziata Cathedral with its mosaic floor, Byzantine Saint Peters Church and Otranto Port.

Baia dei Turchi, Baia dell’Orte and Laghi Alimini the most beautiful beaches.

Cava di Bauxite (known as The red Lake) near Baia delle Orte, Otranto. Its almost moon like appearance caused by the old mining for red minerals that once practiced in this quarry.

Punta Palascìa Lighthouse (known as Capo D’Otranto): the most oriental point of Italy.

Menhir and Dolmen spread all around the area, an incredible testimony of prehistoric civilisation.

Frassanito Beach for Kitesurfing fans.

– for Kitesurfing fans Grotta della Poesia in Roca Vecchia for the lovers of high diving.

San Foca and Torre dell’Orso beach.

Lecce, city nicknamed “Florence of South Italy” because of its Baroque Churches.

Santa Cesarea Terme with its healing sulphur baths.

Otranto – Santa Maria di Leuca Park, lthe coastal walk with over 100 caves in its calcium rock.

Castro, adorable medieval village full of history.

– La Grotta della Zinzulusa to be visited on foot or by boat.

Gallipoli and its historical town centre.

– The Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Leuca


…and much, much more…

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